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Hello, my name is Aaron!

I am a long time computer enthusiast and started working in the computer industry as a hobby over 7 years ago.  I am also a moderator for Tom’s Hardware and Tom’s Guide.

I began this blog because there is a big problem with laptop recommendations overall. We already have sites like laptopmag.com and notebookcheck.net which review the laptops themselves and give extremely detailed tests and reviews on how the laptop performs.

The problem with this kind of reviewing is that for the average user, it’s overkill! For the average customer, all they want to know is if the laptop they are considering is good enough for the job!

I am here to help these people out. To help them figure out what is the best laptop for them. I will give you excellent advice on if the laptop your planning on purchasing, is right for you! I will tear down the complex “geeky” terms reviewers use and explain it all in simpler terms for you to understand. So that you don’t need to understand all the tech talk around laptops, but immediately get the perfect notebook for you.

I also need some help from you!

While my site is at the moment, a site dedicated to gaming laptops specifically. I need to know what content you guys would like me to create! The more feedback I get, the better. You can either email me via the contacts page or leave a comment in one of my blog posts. The choice is up to you!