Lenovo Flex 4 80VE000MUS Overview

The Flex 4 is Lenovo’s cheaper end variant of their YOGA series  2 in 1 notebooks. While not as nice looking or as high quality in material department, the Flex 4 offers pretty powerful components for it’s class.

The Flex 4 has a very generic looking design. A full matte black finish covers the entire notebook with a few silver accents here and there. If you don’t need a notebook that is eye catching. This is certainly the design your looking for.

The Flex 4 should come with enough connectivity to plug in whatever you need on a daily basis, whether it’s mic, headsets, thumb drives or ethernet cables.

Left Side:
Kensington Lock
AC Power
USB 2.0
Headphone Jack
SD Card Reader

Right Side:
2x USB 3.0
Ethernet Port

The nice feature with these 2 in 1’s from Lenovo is that their keyboards are connected when in tablet mode, compared to the other method of detaching the keyboard completely. From my own personal experience, having to detach my laptop screen from the keyboard is quite annoying as you’ve got to figure out where your going to put the keyboard and prevent it from getting lost.

The display is a full HD 1080P screen which should be plenty for any kind of casual web browsing, facebook, and youtube content.

Another cool feature is the built in finger print scanner, something that you usually only see on Lenovo’s Thinkpad business notebooks. If your not the type that likes to type in passwords, the fingerprint scanner offers a valid solution.

This variant of the Lenovo Flex 4 is quite peppy. Featuring SSD storage and a Core i7 7500U CPU. If your casually browsing the web or doing minor photo editing. This notebook will be more than capable of keeping up with you.

Gaming on this machine should only be directed towards very light or very old titles. Even though it packs a R7 M460 GPU, it won’t be enough to play the latest titles at high frame rates at high quality settings.

If your a storage hog, the 256GB SSD might be a bit of a turn down. 256 is more than enough for your most important stuff, however if you like keeping all your music and offline videos on your laptop, your going to be in trouble. I highly recommend you buy either a 500GB external hard drive or a high capacity SD card if you need more storage.

The battery is rated for 9 hours of use. However this can vary greatly on what your workload is.

Overall, the Flex 4 is neither great nor terrible. It is an average laptop with good quality hardware, but lacks a few features like a high capacity hard drive that you do see in this price range.

If your looking for a 2 in 1 for regular use and nothing too demanding like video editing or high end gaming, this is a great solution for you.


Laptop Specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7 7500U Dual Core @2.7ghz (3.50Ghz Turbo)


Storage: 256GB SSD (Flash Memory)

Connectivity: 802.11 A/C Wireless

Ports: 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, 1x HDMI, Ethernet, SD Card Reader, Headphone Jack

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